Welcome to the HG Growth Program for Managers


is that we can reduce the amount of workplace stress through the training and development of your managers and staff members. Through this process we help develop a sense of well-being, teamwork, a culture of open communication, and an over all productive and healthy work environment.


We work with you to tailor your event so we are able to fulfill your specific organizational and staff needs. Our fun and inspiring training sessions are packed full of the latest theories of growth and development, and we use a number of instruments and questionnaires to help drive the conversation. We welcome our clients to combine any number of training offering with the goal of developing the best Growth experience possible.





Working with Part-Time Staff

Organizational Stress Reduction

How to Hire for Success

Goal Setting

Thank you for attending GLO’s professional development conference and leading workshops on communication skills, team building and leadership.  Our staff were blown away by your presentations and learned a great deal while having a lot of fun. I’m confident that they will be able to apply the skills and information gained during your workshops in their jobs.

Simon Lee, Executive Director, Growth and Learning Opportunities (GLO) - San Francisco, CA